A 10-day guided program to help you build positive habits so you can enjoy your healthiest, happiest life!

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80% of New Year's Resolutions fail.

Even with the best of intentions, most people give up on their goals just a couple weeks into the New Year. But why?

Goals are for Losers.

Scott Adams, creator of the Dilbert comic, famously said that Goals are for Losers.

How come? For one, they require a lot of willpower, which is in limited supply.

Further, the outcome is always one of two options:

1️⃣ You achieve the goal - great! But then what? You're now in a state of limbo without something to work towards, and you'll probably experience the stress of trying to maintain that level of performance indefinitely.

2️⃣ You don't achieve the goal, and then you'll likely feel like a disappointment. 

But by creating a system - i.e. building healthy habits - you can achieve long-lasting positive results!

The best part? Lasting change requires only small adjustments to your daily routine. No need for a crazy overnight life overhaul! 


Becoming a better version of you doesn't have to be overwhelming!


By building positive healthy habits into your daily life, you can eat right, stay active, and practice self-care - all in just a few minutes a day!

You'll be able to do more with less, so you'll actually have time to devote to working on those beautiful dreams of yours.

And when you take care of yourself, you'll feel your healthiest and happiest, and more importantly - have the energy to do big things!

You owe it to yourself and the world to be your best YOU! 


Join us for Healthy in a Hurry!

Together, we'll create healthy, sustainable habits that will help you feel your best AND give you the freedom to create the life of your dreams!

What the program includes:

✔ 10 guided lessons in building healthy habits (valued at $199)

✔  Limited time only! Founding members receive lifetime access to the recorded lessons! (valued at $200)

✔ 6-week long workout plan (valued at $249)

✔ Healthy eating in a hurry guide + meal planner (valued at $149)

✔ Access to private, members-only Facebook group (valued at $49)

✔ Morning & evening routine guide (valued at $49)

✔ 1 #SuperSnacker CLEAN.FIT box (valued at $59) *For you or a friend!

✔  30-minute 1:1 session with Renee, founder of CLEAN.FIT (valued at $149) *Only 10 spots available!

$1,103 total value

Regular Price: $499

Get it now for only $249!

2020 is YOUR year.

You don't need to become a "New You"... Instead, leverage the gifts you already have and become the best version of yourself!

Who is this program for?

✔ Does it seem like every moment of every day is accounted for?

✔ Do you end your days in state of constant exhaustion?

✔ Finding the time to hit the gym after a long day at work got you like 😮?

✔ Meal prepping after putting the kiddos down make you say 🙈?

✔ Working on that side business have you thinking 🙄?

Does it seem impossible to even think about focusing on your wellness, your dreams, and yourself because of how busy you are?

We know the struggle is REAL... So let's work together to build healthy habits that'll set you up for success this New Year and beyond! 

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Valued at $149 - yours free! This offer won't last - get it today!

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Healthy in a Hurry is officially LIVE starting January 20th, 2020. Sign up today! 

Frequently Asked Questions

Healthy for the Holidays is a guided 10-day program, each day's lessons can be completed on your own time, that day (and don't worry, if you miss a day, you can totally catch up!)

The lessons are only 15-20 minutes a day - and you only need another 10-15 minutes to complete the homework. All you need is 30 minutes a day!

Each day's lessons can be completed on your own time, that day (and don't worry, if you miss a day, you can totally catch up!)

YES! This time of the year is as good as any to start cultivating a healthy routine, and we can help you, even if you haven't had a chance to start yours yet!

Here are just a few of the 10 topics covered!

  1. Cultivating a growth mindset 
  2. Mastering your morning and evening routine
  3. Making time for self-care when you're crazy busy
  4. How to make a healthy meal or have a killer workout in 30 minutes or less
  5. Preparing for the things that will get in your way

If you follow along with our simple step-by-step program, we know you are going to successfully build positive habits and have the healthiest, happiest year ever! But for any reason you aren't satisfied, we'll gladly give you 100% of your money back! Just let us know within 30 days of sign-up. You can email

We would LOVE to answer any questions you may have, or just chat!  Simply shoot us a note at :)

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